Friday, February 28, 2014


Decreasing risk while enabling pursuit of opportunity without unnecessary restrictions, delays, and cost is the heart of a risk strategy. In the best case, a risk strategy lets one go faster, much like the brakes on a car.*

Risk management has long held that the practices of risk management - which provide process and tools to make risk decisions - will solve this problem. What has become clear is that as organizations get better at understanding and identifying risks, those same organizations have more decisions to make, and now have a further problem of overwhelmed decision makers.

A risk strategy presumes that we don't want to make decisions framed in risk alone, nor that it makes sense to always pass those decisions to the top echelons of the organization. We want to run our businesses, and we want individuals to make good risk decisions while we are doing so.

This blog and my @riskstrategist tweets will address some of this landscape. I look forward to sharing with you, and to your feedback.

* Expect to see a post in the coming weeks on the real value and purpose of brakes, and how it relates to risk strategy.